General Advice of PROS
Fundamental rule is always begin Golf with lessons from a PRO, under his sound guidance.
Follow his/her instructions to the Tee.
Practice may not make you perfect but no practice shall definitely make you imperfect.
At regular intervals keep checking your swing and basics with your PRO.

General tips from the PROS to improve your game and skills.

Posture & Grip
Stand comfortably upright (don’t stoop) knees flexed.
Left hand–three bottom fingers must maintain firm & snug grip throughout swing.
Keep right hand grip relaxed.


Always extend left arm fully & keep firm throughout swing.
Turn hips with swing, all times except Sand, Pitch & Chip shots.
Maintain balance of torso.
Do not stretch arms out to reach ball.
Let club’s length determine your distance from the ball.



Use the Driver or 3Wood
Keep the Ball almost in line with left heel.
Take a Square stance.
Weight more on RIGHT foot. 55:45 or 60:40
Hands positioned behind ball.
Check for snug left hand grip.
Relax-exhale to relieve tensions.
Extend firm left arm & turn hips.
Swing with tempo & rhythm.


Use 3, 4, 5 & 7 woods.
Take a Square stance.
Ball situated a little back from left heel.
Put more weight on the left side. 60:40
Hands a little in front of ball.
Check your grip, relax, extend that left arm,
Turn hips with good tempo swing.

fairway woods_sanstext

Use 1, 2, 3, 4&5 irons.
Align body at target.
Ball played of inside left heel (Square Stance).
Weight more on left side.
Hands slightly behind ball.
Check grip, relax, extend left arm, turn hips, good tempo.

Note: Under the Trees, aim right of target, close face of club
& have ball about 3″ inside of right heel, weight on left side.

long irons_sanstext

For short distance high approach shots.
Use 9 Iron, pitching Wedge & Sand Wedge.
Open stance.
Weight more on left side.
Place the Ball in front of right heel.
Keep Hands in front of ball.
No body movement, keep feet close.
Hit ball first crisply.

Note: Over the trees, play ball more off left heel.
Move weight more to right side.

pitch shots_sanstext

For short distance chipping Iron shots.
5-6-7 Irons.
Keep Feet close together (Square Stance).
Keep the Ball in middle of stance.
No body movement.
Weight more on left side.
Hands in front of the ball.
Hit ball in front of green and roll to target.
Good Lie: Stiffen wrist to punch shot with tempo.

chip shots_sanstext

Open club face.
Use OPEN stance.
Ball back of left heel.
Weight more on left.
Aim to LEFT of target.
Implant both feet.
Keep Hands in front of ball.
Hit 2” behind ball with full follow through.
Arm and hands shot, no body movement.

sand traps_sanstext

Aim to right of target.
Use closed stance.
Maintain weight more on left side throughout swing.
Ball about 3” of left heel.
Keep Hands in front of ball.

uphill lie_sanstext

Open club face somewhat.
Use open stance and pick club to clear top of mound.
Check grip extension of left arm, turn hips.

uphill slope lie_sanstext

Aim to left of target.
Use on club shorter.
Medium open stance.
Ball about 4” off left heel.
Weight more on left side.
Keep Hands in front of ball.
Check grip, extension of left arm.
Turn hip, swing even tempo.

downhill lies_sanstext

ball higher

Always try to hit ball far enough.
Keep blade square.
Do not move head.
Palm of hands goes directly towards target.
Head directly over ball.
Always keep elbows close to body.

SHORT PUTTS: Grip putter lower on shaft.

If wind is behind you, open club face a little. Whatever the shot, play ball slightly more forward than normal. If wind is blowing at you, close club slightly. Whatever the shot, play ball further back than normal, and use 1 or 2 clubs longer than usual. Also, stiff wrist action helps.

Use a less lofted club than usual. Hit your shots and aim to the side that wind is blowing from and allow the correct drift that the ball direction will go in flight.

Always hit the ball first, not the turf. Try to hit just below the centre of the ball.

Swing in upright vertical fashion with club face open, again hit the ball below the center line, before the turf.

Check for the secure grip.

If a ball is lying clean, hit with the same club you would use in the fairway. Must hit the ball first, not the sand. Hit below centre line of the ball. On bad lies, use any club that will get you on the fairway.

Typical problems:
Slicing, Pulling, Scuffing, Hooking, Shanking, Topping & Skying


  • Check for proper grip, hands in front of the ball.
  • Aim, align and take a correct and relaxed posture.
  • Ensure a firm left hand grip at top of the swing.
  • Always have Left arm extended and not collapsing.
  • Do turn hips and not sway.
  • Good arms and hands follow through.
  • Keep swing in smooth rhythm.
  • Keep the head steady, not lifting up and eyes on the ball.
  • Keep proper stance with good torso balance and weight on the left side.
  • Bend but do not stoop severely in stance.
  • Standing far away from the ball at the time of address.
  • Never fear your shots, regardless of who is watching.
  • Take a deep breath, relax, no tension and swing with good speed, tempo and rhythm.
  • Never rush a shot; you are there to enjoy it.

Golf is a very simple game we make it complicated!

Distance covered by different clubs
Average Yardage
Club Beginner Average Golfer Good Golfer
Driver 190 220 250
2 Wood 180 215 235
3 Wood 170 210 225
4 Wood 165 205 215
5 Wood 150 195 205
7 Wood 145 180 190
2 Iron 135 170 180
3 Iron 125 160 170
4 Iron 120 155 165
5 Iron 115 145 160
6 Iron 105 140 150
7 Iron 95 130 140
8 Iron 85 115 125
9 Iron 75 100 110
Pitching Wedge 65 80 95
Sand Wedge 55 70 85