Quick Guide to the Rules
As golf is a self-regulating game, all golfers should have a good understanding of the fundamental Rules, as contained in this guide. However, this guide is not a substitute for the Rules of Golf, which should be consulted whenever any doubt arises.

The basics of the Rules are not as hard to learn as you may think. They would include, for example, from where play of a hole commences; what to do when your ball is in a water hazard, lost or out of bounds; interference from immovable obstructions such as cart paths; and playing a provisional ball.

Why learn the basics? Aside from the fact that it is important to know the Rules of the game that you are playing, and to ensure consistency amongst players, a knowledge of the basics will enable you not just to get round the golf course incident free, but it may save you one or two precious strokes in the process.

The Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf contains these basics, explained with simple and easy to understand diagrams, illustrations and videos. Hard copies of the Guide can be downloaded here

The Golf Course
Spirit of the Game

Quick Guide to the Rules

General Points
Tee Shot
Playing the Ball
On the Putting Green
Ball Moved, Deflected or Stopped
Lifting, Dropping and Placing the Ball
Relief Situations and Procedures
Ball Assisting or Interfering with Play
Loose Impediments
Movable Obstructions
Immovable Obstructions and Abnormal Ground Conditions
Water Hazards
Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball
Ball Unplayable

Golfers with Disabilities
Playing Golf