Corporate Golf

Golfing so far in India was considered as an elite sport, not so anymore as more and more golf enthusiasts are attracted towards the game, thanks to good showing of the Indian golfers on the golf circuits and continued growth in the number of golf courses, Pune is a good example with three championship golf courses in the vicinity of 70Km and three to four 9 hole courses in the city for practice rounds with few driving and putting ranges in the offing.

Golf with its handicap system is uniquely positioned to allow for an enjoyable challenge between players of differing abilities and experience. No other sport can provide the warmth and ambience of a round of golf and no other sport can entice business executives away from the office for a full day of networking in such a relaxing environment, no wonder the saying goes.”A bad round of Golf is better than a good day in the office.”

Business people now increasingly want to be identified with the game of golf little wonder then, that a Corporate Golf event is seen by many companies as a valuable method to reinforce client relationships, motivate and reward managers, customers and suppliers.

Corporate may consider the following possibilities to achieve their aforesaid objectives:-

  • Golf “Clinic” for staff/clients/suppliers
  • Familiarisation to Golfing for Managers
  • Sponsoring Golf lessons for Young talent
  • Sponsorship at a Golf tournament
  • Sponsoring a Charity Golf event
  • Corporate ‘Day” for clients/guests at a golf course
  • Business conference at a Golf Resort

We can help you organize any of these events at the exclusive private clubs or the prestigious “daily fee” courses which in itself makes an impression and helps lure busy people to accept the invitation.