I do not know anything about Golf but want to play. Can I?


Before you embark on a golf course for a game you need to take few lessons in the academies at the golf courses from the qualified PRO”S, play few rounds under his/her supervision, obtain a handicap certificate and only then you can play on a golf course on your own. (Coaching)


How long does this process take place?


It may take anything between three weeks to six weeks depending upon the lessons and your progress. Later you need to practice and play, revisit the coaching to hone the skills regularly to improve your handicap and enjoy the game.


How much does it cost?


Initially you may hire the clubs and purchase only after you decide to take up the game seriously (cost above Rupees 30000)or seek a second hand kit through our forum, where as the coach may charge anything above Rupees 10,000 subject to number of students and the duration.

Do I have to be a member of a Golf club or course to play?

You need not as You have a choice of either becoming short term or long term member with the clubs or pay and play. The charges per game vary from a minimum of Rupees 800 at Poona club, Rupees 2000 at Oxford Golf club, Rupees 3500 at BPGC in Mumbai and Aamby valley. Weekend surcharges may apply at all the courses. (Courses)

Where can I play in Pune & Mumbai?

Apart from the courses detailed on the website  where pay and play for all is allowed there are few clubs like RSI Golf Club, College of  Military Egg  Golf club, NDA Golf club, Saven Lakes golf club  in  Pune and Willingdon Golf Club along with United services club in Mumbai with  restricted memberships and certain criteria’s to be fulfilled.

Can our guests from abroad play Golf in these courses?

Yes, only on the four courses mentioned in the website.

Do they need a handicap certificate and can they play alone?

Yes, this is generally 32 for ladies and 28 for gents. You may be asked to produce proof of your handicap at the course thus you should always bring your certificate with you. If you have any particular concerns of the standard expected at some of the courses then please contact us. They can play alone but if they need us to provide a playing partner for your guest, we can organise at a charge.

Do we need Caddies and how can we book them?
Yes you need Caddies on all the courses, we can arrange for them, as these are self employed good caddies need to be booked in advance and the rates vary from a minimum of Rupees 200 upwards and a small tip to be made directly to the caddies in cash.

Can our guests ride on a cart?

The carts are mandatory on Aamby valley and Oxford Golf courses whereas BPGC & Poona Golf club are walking courses.

Can you organize Golf holidays?

Yes, we have the expertise to provide golf holidays here, anywhere in India and abroad, just send us an Enquiry or call us on 30222473 or Cell 90211202 and we shall do the needful.

Can we organize golf programmes for our corporate managers?

Yes, specially designed Golf days for Corporate managers can be arranged as per your requirements.

Do you organize golfing events for the corporate?

Yes, we can organize corporate golfing events here as well as abroad as per your requirements.


Can I buy my air tickets with you online?

Yes we have tied up with Travelocity and you can make secure online transactions for best deals on your travel needs. Instead in case if you wish to make use of our offline services you can send us your requirements (customized holidays) we have the best airline deals in town.


Can I book my hotels with you online?

Yes we have tied up with Travelocity and you can make secure online transactions for your hotel bookings. Alternatively you can send us your requirements (customized holidays) we shall do the needful professionally.

Can I book our holidays with you?

Yes we specialize in leisure holidays and have tied up with major tour operators worldwide to cater to individual needs of each traveler, please send us the requirements (customized holidays) we shall do the needful according to your budget with our expertise.

How do I obtain passports, Visas & Insurance for my travel?

You may use our online travel information on visa, passports, insurance or currency converter to procure the same or use our services as per your choice and convenience.

How do I make payment for my offline purchases of your services?

You may pay by cheque, cash or money transfer into our Bank for the same.


Can you help me with what to see in Pune & Mumbai?

Please click on the sightseeing page to get the information.

Can you help me with places to dine out in Pune & Mumbai?

Please click on eating out page to get the desired information.

What are the other activities I can do while on holiday in Pune & Mumbai?

Please click on 19th hole page to get the desired information.

Can I seek four ball partners on your site?

Yes become a member of the forum and you can seek 4 ball partners.

Can I share photos and videos on your site?

Yes, please go to the photos section and submit the same after you have registered as a forum member.

What is forum?

Basically it is a platform for the golfing community to share information, buy and sell second hand equipment, review courses, destinations, share holiday experiences and suggest value offers. Please refer to FAQ’s on Forum for details.

How is the Climate in Pune, is it ok to play golf?

Temperatures in Pune range from 12 to 37.85 (Celsius).

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When does it rain in Pune?

Monsoon is generally between June and September though Pune does not get incessant rains thus the weather is quite conducive for a game of Golf.